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Your website is your business card to the world!

Whether you want to merely establish a presence on the Web, or develop a Site that boldly stands out from all the rest, Website by Mike will be able to help you.

Our ultimate goal, and what we hold to first, is to please our clients.
If you have something specific in mind, we will bring it for you.
If you are searching for a look, revamping an existing site, trying to get an edge, we can do that for you as well.

Our standard website package contains everything a small business needs to put its business on the Web. It shouldn't be a chore for you, and you shouldn't be hit with extra fees at every turn.

Here's what we include in our website packages and how we go about it:

Package 1: - I know what I want:
You already have a domain name and a hosting service.
You've seen what's out there, know the competition and just about have your site all laid out in your mind. If you only had the time and some know how you'd just do the whole darn thing yourself.
OK - We admire your get up and go. We'll put the final touches on it, and make it happen.

Package 2: - Same as above, but I need a Domain name:
We'll set you up with a service that provides you with Web space, a Domain name, password protected directories and email addresses.
Then we'll complete the process of getting your site up and running.

Package 3: - I have some ideas but that's it:
Fine. A webpage is quite flexible.
The front page is extremely important. We need to present the essence of your business, captivate interest, and have it load fast and smart.

We'll handle that, and work in any ideas you have on looks and design.
Maybe you've seen some webpages that have something along the lines you'd like.
We'll work together on the right look for your site. We'll incorporate a business card or letterhead that you currently use, or make up a custom logo if you choose.

Some Sample Sites and looks:
Team Giants
When did Blondes get smart
Hi-Yo Silver, Away
Princeton Ski Club
Why My Cat is so special
Stonehenge Cat
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